"For us, care is about getting your needs, or the needs of those you love, met."

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Our Story

In 2009, Andrew was working as a nurse in Exeter and Bernadette was working on a new system to find care packages for Complex Clients.

Our son had been in supported living for several years. Our son wasn’t happy with his level of care and there were a number of problems which meant we had to withdraw him from his care provider.

Initially he came home and we rapidly got things set up. But we knew that home care wasn’t  going to be the right long term care solution either.

That was how we started investigating  how to set up ourselves as a care provider.

Supported Living in Exeter

For us, care is about getting your needs, or the needs of those you love, met.

We are a small supported living care provider for disabled people based in Exeter. We do not operate care homes as we don’t own the properties, but have 4 clients living independently in their own rented houses , one of whom is our son.

By remaining small, we can offer completely individualised care packages which are made to fit the needs of our clients, the living arrangements they prefer (living alone at home or sharing houses), with a focus on fostering independent, active lifestyles and emotional well-being.

Disabled Advocacy in Exeter

We can assist you in expressing your need for changes in how your care is delivered or help in accessing the correct benefits, with our advocacy service based in Exeter.

Having gained much experience acting as advocates for our son and our clients, we’ve got a strong working knowledge of who to contact, how to approach problems and resolve them, as well as the tenacity to pursue satisfactory resolutions.

We’re very happy to speak to you about advocacy work. Advocacy work can cover a broad range of topics – really anything that is going to improve the client’s daily life. And it can be in blocks of as little as 5-6 hours each time.

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